Mission Works Supported

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Earl Ankrom - Evangelist

Bill (and Janet) Eubanks - Missionaries to Africa

David Evans - Evangelist

Karie Ferguson - Missionary to the Ivory Coast / Africa

Niels (and Gwendy) Gade - Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Don (and Laura) Hardman - Evangelist

Eugene (and Olga) Kozachenko - Ukraine

David (and Cassie) Lethert - Missionaries to the Philippines

Ted (and Lyn) Mullins - Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Wes Neill - Missionary to Moldova

Greg Pritchard - Evangelist

Mike Roberts - Missionary to Vietnam and Evangelist

Cliff (and Linda) Taylor - Evangelist

John (and Sarah) Weldon - Missionaries to Moldova

Rick (and Joanna) Wiles - Missionaries to Ukraine and Russia

Jon (and Larysa) Zwingle - Missionaries to Russia

Missionaries to Israel